What Today’s Buyers Look For In a Home

What Are Today's Buyers Looking ForWhile neighborhood continues to be a significant factor for today’s buyers, it’s by no means the only thing they are looking for. In truth, they have some very specific needs. The first will not surprise you, however some of the others might. We’ve all heard about location, location, location, so we’ll focus on the others for now.

High Ceilings

More and more buyers are asking their Realtors® for a home with high ceilings. They add to the beauty and magnificence of a home. However, high ceilings also offer a natural light that adds elegance and increased air circulation to a home.

Open Floor Plans

Yes, this is another factor that today’s buyers are looking for in the Pasadena area. They want open spaces to entertain their family and friends in.


They are looking to balance their work and home life. Therefore, for convenience sake, today’s buyers are looking for homes that are close to their work.

Quality of Schools

Today, buyers feel that a quality education is crucial to their children’s future. Therefore, they are willing to pay to live in an area that offers a quality school system.


Yes, a Millennial will be looking for technology. Can your home be run from a cell phone? This is what they’re looking for: smart sound systems, touch screen ovens, infrared faucets, high tech showers, and infrared trashcans (yes, they’re around). Today’s buyer wants technology.

They Plan to Stay

In our day, buyers are looking for a home that will suit their needs for close to 15 years. It naturally follows that finding the home that most fits their lifestyle will be high on their list of priorities.

Energy Efficient

This will come as no surprise to most sellers and all real estate agents. Buyers are looking for energy efficient homes. Energy saving appliances, energy-star rated windows, ceiling fans, and anything energy saving will be at the top of their wants.

Summing It Up

As homes have changed through the years, so has what was important to home buyers. Today, they want energy efficient homes with high ceilings, open floor plans, state of the art technology, convenience, and in an area with quality schools. Because today’s buyers are planning to stay for 15 years in the home they purchase, they are very specific in what they’re looking for.

Mardelli Real Estate always takes the needs of our buyers into consideration. We can assist you in finding that amazing home you have been looking for.



Norma Mardelli

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