Sell Home

Tips For Selling Your Home

Selling real estate, especially if its your home can be stressful for anyone. These tips will help make your process a little bit easier and put you ahead of other sellers in the market.

1. Include energy efficient upgrades to your home before you sell

LED bulbs, energy monitors and Energy Star certified applications are appealing to buyers.

2. Remove extra clutter and furniture from your house

While your property is on the market, maintaining an open, clean space is important. The open space will appear larger to prospective buyers and will allow them to imagine their own furnishing in the space. Also, storing your belongings in advance will make the moving process easier and faster to vacate when the time comes.

3. Check the status of your heating and air conditioning systems before selling your home

If necessary, have your heating and air conditioning systems serviced or repaired so they are running efficiently. Most buyers aren’t willing to purchase a home that requires a large investment, such as a furnace. Working air conditioning and heating is appealing and almost expected from a buyers perspective.

4. Make the exterior of your home inviting and enticing to potential buyers

The first impression a home has on a perspective buyer is its exterior. It’s the first thing they see and instantly they begin observing the things they like and don’t like. An attractive exterior is essential when selling your home, it will instantly increase the number of people who choose to check out your house. Make sure to maintain a landscaped front yard and clean your windows before showings. No one like a messy lawn and clean windows will allow natural light into your home and will make it more appealing to buyers.

5. Never assume the appraisal you get is the actual value of your house

There are many factors considered when an appraisal is completed. It is common to have multiple appraisals done and have them be different each time. When selling your house, it is important to have a real estate agent perform an analysis on comparable homes in the market in order to get a more accurate value of your home.

6. Set goals in the market for real estate

When both the buyer and the seller set goals, everyone benefits in the end because they know what to expect and it makes the process that much more efficient.

7. Take time into account 

If you are in a rush to sell your home, you are more likely to negotiate and be ready to accept an offer that is fair and put on your home. However, if time isn’t a factor for you and you aren’t in a hurry to sell your home, take your time and hold off for the offer that you are most comfortable with. It is believed that the best time to sell a home is in early spring. It will be the best weather, making it more appealing to buyers, especially those who are looking to settle and get comfortable by summer.