Moving Mistakes to Stay Away from


Moving is never an easy process, it is usually detailed and more often than not, difficult. With detail, comes mistakes.

Here are some moving mistakes to stay away from on your next move.

Failing to research your mover

Thoroughly researching your moving company is vital in not seeing your possessions damaged in transit. By research, I mean look to see if they are licensed by the state’s Department of Transportation. Examine their record with the Better Business Bureau and double check their references. Having done the proper research before signing the contract will improve your experience with the movers.

Spending too much on packing

No need to set aside a large expense account for packaging materials like boxes and newspaper. Simply looking or asking around will most likely find you enough packaging materials free of charge for your move.

Packing heavy items in large boxes

Packing several heavy items in one box leaves room for injury or damage to your possessions. Keep it simple: one heavy item per box (small box preferably).

Forgetting to take measurements

Like trying on new clothes you need to see if everything will fit. You always need to measure the clearance space in your new home before the move in day. If this task sounds mediocre then think how mediocre it will be when you have to buy new furniture because your old furniture doesn’t fit.

Packing flammable, explosive or corrosive materials

Packing anything that puts yourself or your movers in danger is in direct violation of the law and should never be done. Such items as flammable, corrosive or explosive material.

Losing your bill of lading

The bill of lading is one of the most  important documents during your move. This document is essential for reference if  anything is lost or broken by your movers during the move.

7. Not labeling your boxes

Labeling your boxes is beneficial for you and the movers. While packing you may assume you will remember what is in each box simply by how heavy the box is, but that is usually not the case. Make it easier on yourself and the movers; label the contents, handling instructions, and even the room its destined for.

Misunderstanding taxes

Take a look at what move-related items are tax-deductible on the IRS website. Therefore, on move day you will know what receipts will be relevant and wont be troubled by the items that aren’t.

Disrespecting your movers

Treat your movers with respect; introduce yourself, give them refreshments when needed, buy them lunch. A good impression with the moving crew will only make your move easier.

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