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Marble Countertops

For any home owner who is renovating his/her kitchen and considering replacing those old countertops, marble can be an elegant and durable option that can add beauty and value to his/her home. If you are considering marble countertops, there is some vital information that you will need to know to make an informed decision about the right countertop for your kitchen space.
Marble has a classification system

Remember when you were in school and you received an A, B, C, or D depending on the quality of your work? Marble has a classification system to let prospective buyers know the quality of the marble countertops they are purchasing. Ranging from A (being the highest quality with the least imperfections) to D (marble that may have holes, voids, or numerous imperfections). Did you know that the color and pattern of marble can vary depending on the country in which it was mined? It is important to discuss the classification and origin of the marble you intend to buy with your sales professional.

Marble Can Handle Everyday Life

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where meals are lovingly prepared and served. People congregate here, and it is the room with the most traffic. This is why so many people appreciate a durable countertop when it is installed in their home. Marble countertops are made of natural stone, so they can hold up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Honed marble (this means it has a matte, not shiny finish) can hide the occasional scuffs and scrapes that can come with frequent kitchen use (although you will need to be cautious with acidic liquids such as lemons, vinegar, and wine; so use those coasters). While marble can hold up to heat and is extremely tough, it is highly recommended that a sealant be used on the countertop to prevent etching and staining. If you follow some simple maintenance procedures, the countertop will remain looking pristine.

Marble is known for its Beauty

Marble countertops come in many varieties and color options (from pearl white to mysterious black) that will compliment any décor. The unique ‘veins’ present in marble add to its charm. Buyers can expect the countertop to maintain a stunning appearance for years, and, as marble ages, it develops a beautiful patina finish that many home owners appreciate. Although, if you are the type who wants the immaculate look of polished stone, be aware that the look for your marble countertop will change as the years go by. It is impervious to trends, and buyers can be assured that the marble countertop will never be considered outdated. Also, be aware that your countertop may be admired, and it may be a conversation piece for visitors!

Remember to consider your lifestyle when shopping for a countertop, and ask informed questions of your sales person to know exactly what you will be getting when you buy. Although marble may require some maintenance, you can be assured that you will be installing something unique in your home if you decide to install those marble countertops.