Back Off Buyer’s Remorse: Tips for a Last-Minute Home Inspection

getty-medium-getty-3218-78377853-jpgUnfortunately, buyer’s remorse can occur after any major purchase. For instance, you can still feel some doubt or regret after closing on a home. It seems to be a natural human reaction.

You can take a few steps to reduce the risk that your buyer’s remorse has:

1) Schedule a final walkthrough one day or less before closing. Allow 30 minutes to check for any new problems or things you have not noticed. If your visit follows a storm, or occurs during a cold snap or extremely hot day, so much the better. You can see how the home’s heating, cooling or drainage systems cope.

2) Make sure all appliances that you’ll inherit are in working condition, and that they work to your satisfaction. Ask for any warranty information and user manuals. If possible, have your home inspector make a second visit to look for any new issues.

3) Keep some reserve funds for needed repairs. Even if your home was sold in great condition, unexpected problems can arise. You might find that the previous owner coped with things you want to change, too. Knowing you have funds on hand to make these changes can help you cope with any doubts or remorse right after the purchase.

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